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Jan. 12th, 2011 05:57 pm
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Problem resolved, guys! :D This morning I called UCAS's Customers Service Units and after a couple of minutes I was able to solve the problem and now my application is being processed! ♥ I was so scared/nervous of calling, but it didn't go that bad! XD The guy who picked up the phone was really nice and polite (which to me is a big pro, because sometimes when we phone to some Italian customer service the people who pick up the phone don't act professional at all). He even pronounced my name right (foreign speakers also have trouble with my name)! Ohohoh~ *thumbs up* 8Db And asdfghjkl THAT BRITISH ACCENT. ♥ I had to make an effort in order to listen to what he was saying, 'cause that accent was distracting. XD After the call, I wanted to call Customer Service Units again, just to hear that accent over the phone, hahaha~ ... wait. Am I fangirling over a phone call? XD

Anyway. Sorry to make you all worry. ♥ Everything's okay now. :D

And nowww... meme time~ (as always XD)!

Ten Days Meme )
day six: five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever) )

Oh, by the way, if any of you wanted me to give you five fandoms on the last meme, then just tell me and I'll gladly do so. :D Sometimes I'm so absent-minded when it comes to memes. XD;
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Hiya, guys! :D Today I went to the oculist and I found out something curious about myself. It looks like my eyes can see/read better when the lights are on in a room, rather than when they're off. My oculist said there's a specific scientific explanation for that (... I feel like I'm talking like Ema Skye from Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright, lol XD) - my pupil can see better when it's narrowed. (... I hope that's clear, I don't know the proper scientific term in English. XD;) Ha! Who would have thought. XD Thank goodness, my eyesight has not gotten terribly worse, I just need to wear contacts 8 hours a day and then go back to wearing glasses for the rest of the day. Not too bad. :3

Also, my oculist is made of win. XD He's a really funny man. He's always calling me things like, 'little lady' (signorina in Italian) and he's always polite and nice. He tells a lot of jokes, too. XD And he always tells me that I'm 'perfect', because I wear both contacts and glasses and I always do what he tells me to do. XD He's such a gentleman.

I do have to change glasses, however. This time I'm going to choose a pair of glasses that I really like, so I won't feel embarrassed when I wear them. XD (I'm so used to wearing contacts that I can't recognize myself anymore when I wear glasses, lol /fail)

On another note... CAN I STOP HAVING WEIRD DREAMS, KTHX. fandoms overload! )

And now... current obsessions meme! Since everybody's doing it~ :D Feel free to snag this meme, if you want to~ :3

15 things I'm obsessed with )
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Yo, guys! :D I feel quite cheerful today. I was suddenly hit by inspiration yesterday night and started writing one of the crossover fanfictions I had in mind and I kind of like the way it's turning out. :D Also, I watched Gossip Girl's latest episode today (4x10) and I also managed to catch up on a couple of Leverage episodes.

usual gossip girl/leverage fangirling, which includes spoilers and one of the funniest moments of season 3 of leverage XD )

Onto other matters, I would like to wish happy birthday to Andrea ([ profile] royalbk) (whose birthday was actually yesterday) and Emiko ([ profile] animefanemiko)! ♥ I hope you had/have a fantastic day~! :D

Also, I just wanted to remind you guys of the Time Capsule Meme, just in case you'd missed it, or you felt like writing something to me... or something. XD

Next time I'm going to start the Ten Days Meme that everyone seems to be doing recently... I think it's going to be interesting. :D
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Babbling about a freaking 6 hours long written exam + Speaking exam, where I totally panicked. XD )

But now it's over forever and that means that my real summer has finally started! So I won't be talking about school until September, so expect many random entries mostly related to fandoms and who-knows-what-else. :D

Well, tomorrow my aunt, my uncle and my cousin are coming here from Naples and they're staying with us until Sunday morning, so I probably won't be able to write here this week. I'll catch up with you guys properly after that! :D
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So, apparently there are only 9 days left of actual school. OH YES.

If you were wondering how the party went...

Party time~ )

And well, today I had to prepare a presentation in German for the history teacher about a topic that I wanted and I chose mafia. Funny part is... the sicilian mafia is called Cosa Nostra, but... instead of saying that, I said Casa Nova and then, as soon as I'd realized what I'd just said, I laughed and everyone started laughing, too. LOOOOOOL. XD

I worked so hard on that presentation, with the power point and everything. I spent 6 FREAKIN' HOURS making it. And I got... 8 and a half! :D That's, like, one of the highest grades you can get in Italy. So, yay for me! :D

I'm still laughing about that casanova thing, btw... XD;

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