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Just took this test out of boredom. Don't know whether I should be worried or glad about the results. XD

The Ultimate LiveJournal Obsession Test
CategoryYour ScoreAverage LJer
Community Attachment33.33%
There's something special about you. Every once in awhile, one of your topics gets everyone chatting.
You fill out forms at work - why should you fill them out for fun?
Original Content45.16%
Some stories must be told - and you're the one to tell them
Psychodrama Quotient16.87%
Your dark side's safe with us
Attention Whoring38.64%
This quiz is part of a grand scheme to keep people reading

Alright, on with the meme!
Day 2: Least favourite character )

Day 3: Favourite episode )
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Taken from [ profile] winged_requiem.

How evil am I? )

Yesterday I applied at [ profile] new_sanctum. Guess which character I chose? (It's not that hard to imagine. XD;) Anyway, since it really does sound like fun, I think I'll apply also for other 2 characters that I'd love to play.

I watched "Moulin Rouge" some days ago and it's really good! The way they mixed tragedy and love with humor is just great! Some scenes really made me laugh, but the ending is so sad... I love that film! <3

I knew it.

Apr. 15th, 2007 04:39 pm
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Guess who is my inner CLAMP character?

I knew it. )
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Taken from Meli's lj ([ profile] ignored_tears) and here's my result. xD;

Testriffic IQ test

I'M EXTREMELY BRILLIANT! =D Take that, maths teacher! xD;


Feb. 26th, 2007 08:37 pm
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Here's a test 'cause it's been ages since I posted one. xD;

Your Birthdate: August 20

You are a virtual roller coaster of emotions, and most people enjoy the ride.
Your mood tends to set the tone of the room, and when you're happy, this is a good thing.
When you get in a dark mood, watch out - it's very hard to get you out of it.
It's sometimes hard for you to cheer up, and your gloom can be contagious.

Your strength: Your warm heart

Your weakness: Trouble controlling your emotions

Your power color: Black

Your power symbol: Musical note

Your power month: February

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