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Yesterday was my first lecture of the web design course! :D And also not the best day to take buses.

the tale of the buses )

about the actual course )

(On a side note, I think my IT Crowd icon is very appropriate for this post. 1) Because I've started rewatching the show; and 2) because I am talking about something IT related.)
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Hello people from the awesome LJ → DW friending meme! I'm Chibi, nice to meet all of you! My basic info is on my profile, while a (sort of) intro post is right here. :D I also changed my DW layout for the occasion, haha.

This entry is going to be a mixture of fandoms and real life. We've had a lot of real life posts recently, so I want to balance things out a bit.

real life: back at uni, ereader, computer stuff )

fandoms: skyfall, the big bang theory, the hunger games, the it crowd; beware of SPOILERS )

And that's pretty much all. I need to start watching Once Upon a Time and finish the pilot of Elementary (but from what I've seen, I can tell I already love this show).

Also, I decided to start that 30-day meme that I posted some time ago, also in the hopes that it will make me update my journal more. Here goes! :D

day 1: something you hate about yourself )

That's all for today!

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