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long entry, but good news!

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post! I've just been so busy, I don't know where my time has gone. So this will most likely be a pretty long catch-up entry on what's going on my life.

First of all, thank you all for all your wishes on my first job interview! :D I haven't replied to your comments, but I soon will. My job interview went fine - they asked all the "common" questions that I had been googling! So they asked me things like, what are my strengths and weaknesses, where I lived, what I wanted to do in the future, what I knew about their shop and if I had any experience making chocolates or baking. Of course, I had zero experience in that area, which I think didn't play in my favour, because they sent me an email a week later saying the position had been filled by somebody else. So yeah, I didn't get the job in the chocolate shop. I think I wasn't experienced enough for it, even though they specifically said in their job advert that experience in that sector was not needed and that training would be provided.

I was a bit sad that I didn't get the job in the chocolate shop at first, obviously. But maybe it was for the best. I tried baking a cake at home just to see if I would like doing it on a daily basis and I didn't enjoy it. I just hate the way cakes look before they're baked, it really puts me off the cake. XD; My cake also didn't really rise, but it tasted fine. Although who knows if I would have enjoyed making the chocolates? But anyway, I didn't worry about it. Thinking back at it, I didn't really like the way I was interviewed either. They brought me to this backroom full of boxes, two washing machines and one chair. I sat in the chair and the two owners of the cafe (both women) just stood around me - I felt kind of trapped. One of the two women was very nice and friendly, the other was quiet and was sort of observing me from head to toe... It wasn't too bad, but the fact that she wasn't talking kinda put pressure on me and so, when she finally asked me a question, I was so worried that my mind went blank? So I stuttered a bit, while the friendly woman was reassuring me and telling me to chill. XD; So yeah, that was my first job interview.

But! I have some great news. Two weeks ago, after being rejected by the chocolate shop, I sent my CV to a small 5-star hotel near Andrew's house called The Cairn Lodge and applied for a job as a bar assistant. So they called me back and asked if I was available for an interview. I said yes and went to the job interview on Tuesday. And I must say, it was a much more relaxed job interview. For starters, I wasn't in a backroom with boxes, washing machines and one chair - the owner and I sat at a table in the bar/cafe section of the hotel, where they had amazing comfy seats. The guy didn't ask me the "common" job interview questions - he only asked if I had had any experience in the hospitality/food sector and I had to say no, but he didn't seem put off by it. It didn't matter much because they would train me. He didn't ask cliché questions, such as my strengths and weaknesses, or where I saw myself in five years or something - we just had a really nice chat. I talked about what I wanted to do (web design and writing) and then it was mostly about the hours, the type of contract, what I would be doing, etc. So yes, he was talking as if the job was practically mine.

Which is the great news of today's entry! That is, I'm 90% sure I have a job! :D I'm only 90% sure because they haven't sent me an email with my shifts or with my type of contract yet, he said he had to talk to his other manager about how the interview went, but honestly, the interview couldn't have gone better. And the fact that we were talking about the job as if I already had it makes me pretty confident that I am going to get this job. The confirmation email will be sent to me either tomorrow or Monday. So yeah, yay for getting a job! :D I will be working as a bar assistant, so nothing fancy, but hey, it's something!

So today I went into Perth and bought myself a plain white shirt and a pair of black flat shoes which I need for work. I might be starting my job on Tuesday, so I wanted to be on the safe side with the uniform. I hope I receive that confirmation email soon! I'm excited, but also a bit worried. I've never done anything like this before, so I'm afraid of screwing up - but I don't want to stress over it, so I'm trying not to. I already made a list of things I want to buy with my first paycheck, because I was so excited to finally have a job (and not be employed by my parents)! The list is not too long... but I'm really looking forward to being paid and to buy stuff without feeling guilty!

In other news, I'm going to the Dundee Literary Festival next week! :D I'm going with Andrew's sister, we booked a room in a hostil and we're staying in Dundee from Wednesday night until Sunday morning. We're going to some workshops on writing and on how to get published, plus we're going to meet such celebrities as Patrick Ness, Alan Bisset and John Whaite (winner of the Great British Bake Off)! I want to take pictures with all of them and get all their autographs. XD While Andrew's sister wants to get her book signed by Patrick Ness. Wish us good luck! But yeah, it's going to be fun and I look forward to it. :D

As for my freelance writing dream, I've made a little progress. I pitched my first reviews to Neo Magazine. This time I sent the email to a person and not to the "general email", 'cause apparently that's where pitches go to die. I asked to review Harvest Moon: A New Beginning and Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies. Hopefully they'll get in contact with me soon! I've also bought a domain for my review blog, which I decided I'm going to open soon. I will be reviewing anime, manga, video games and probably also books and occasionally films. All I'm waiting for is for version 1.0 of Habari (a relatively new CMS) to come out, so I can install it and start posting. I don't want to use Wordpress and I just love the design and the ethics behind Habari.

As for web designing, the girl I'm working with and I are deciding on a name together. We have a few names but we're going to meet in person and see which ones we like best. I'm also working on Andrew's dad's website, which will go into my portfolio. It's actually really exciting to be making a website for someone else! I always fooled myself into thinking I would have hated it and found it boring, but actually, it's pretty fun! It's even more fun than making websites for myself, because I have to think about somebody else, have to make a website specifically for someone else. I can't really describe why, but I just... really enjoy it. :)

On the fandom front, I'm now rewatching Mawaru Penguindrum for the second time with Andrew and his sister (they are watching it for the first time). I'm understanding the plot a lot more this time around! Also, I started reading The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness (just in time for the Dundee Literary Festival!) and I've almost finished it. I hope I can read the whole trilogy before I meet Patrick Ness next week, but it's fine if I don't. I'm enjoying it so far. I love all the sci-fi elements and the mystery in it. I also started reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell just for the crack. This book makes me laugh so much. It's just... so bad. Eleanor & Park was horrendously cheesy and made me laugh at times, but this one brings badness to a whole new level. I shall review it fully when I finish it. But it's safe to say that I am enjoying it... but for all the wrong reasons. XD I somehow don't think Rainbow Rowell intended this book to be a humorous one. And for a not-humorous book, it's making me laugh. A lot.

So that's everything for now! :D I will reply to all your comments soon and hopefully I will be able to catch up on everyone's entries.

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