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Tomorrow I'm going back to school. It's something pretty obvious to say, but I'll say it anyway: DO. NOT. WANT.

Summeeeeeer, where are youuuuuuuu /spazz

So, today I broke the coffeemaker. I didn't mean to, obviously, but I couldn't hear the sound of coffee boiling (even though I was in the living room, not too far from the kitchen, orz) and so the coffee all got out the maker and burned pretty much everything. It was definitely not a nice sight. I cleaned everything up, but I don't think we can use that coffeemaker again. It's not like we can't make coffee anymore, because we have other coffeemakers, but I feel pretty bad anyway.

Today has rained all day long and I'm not kidding. Going back to school is bad enough, so weather, can you at least try to be sunny, please? Kthx.

Oh, guess what? I've made another layout. What is it, the fourth? Yeah, probably. For the joined page. I got inspired again after seeing Espo's ([ profile] winged_requiem) beautiful layouts. <3 I'll be adding all the listings time after time. It's gonna be a loooooong work.

Anyway, I feel like I'm really not prepared for this school-year. It will be my last year of high school and then hello university! I actually can't wait to start university. I'll have to go through exams, though. Not good. /shiver

Tomorrow we'll see if I have been approved or not for those fanlistings. Let's hope for the best. /crosses fingers

So, goodbye summer. Hello school. Hello school-drama. Hello exams. Hello oral tests. Hello people I really can't stand. Hello ungrateful teachers. It's really not good to be back.

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I should probably feel ashamed, because every time I write here I plug a site. XD; But school is starting next week, therefore I will have less time to work on sites. So, I'm doing all the major work now before it's too late. XD;

But anyway, to all of you who have a site, this may interest you:

I Get the F E E L I N G
Anime Songs Claiming Rotation

Please, consider joining if you have a site! :D Also, comments and whatnot are loved~ <3
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I has it, I has it, I has it. <33

Lol, okay, now I'll stop with the incoherent blabbering. What I'm trying to say is - I have a domain, just like my father promised. <33
I really missed my old domain and I won't let this expire like the last one did. I'm going to take proper care of it, oh yes, you can bet on it. <3

All the pages are up, although some of them are still empty *coughaffiliatescough*, but I really wanted to open it by the end of August. I hope you like it, though~ ♥

Comments (and affiliates) are loved, of course. :D
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First of all...
Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! ♥
Your comments made me really happy, I'm not joking. :D

I wanted to organize something over at [ profile] starlightbox, but I'm out of ideas. XD; Well, we'll see.

Anyway. I didn't know where else I could ask this, so I'm doing it here. I think I have a problem. Well, it's not really a big problem... but I need your help. Remember when I said my father had hinted something about revamping the domain? Well, he said it's completely fine by him and the domain is going to be my 18th birthday present. The only problem is - we need a good host. Italian hosting sites are way too expensive, so I'm looking for other hosting websites that are cheap and reliable.

So, the question is - do you know a good host that is cheap and reliable?

Any help you can give me is really appreciated. <3
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No school today~ Actually, there's no school til Monday. yay for italian holiday!

...alright, truth to be told, today there was school, but I didn't go. I had a maths test today, but I didn't really feel prepared for it, so I asked my mother if I could stay home and take the test another time. Strangely enough, she agreed. :D

I thought she would be mad at me, but she wasn't! Instead, when she came home at 7 pm, the first thing she told me was, 'Phone your dad and tell him we won't be home tonight. We're going to the cinema.'
I was about to say something like, 'Are you serious?! Aren't you mad at me or anything?' but I stopped myself and did as she said. XD;

I have to admit, I totally wasn't expecting this. My mother is so strange sometimes.

Anyway, at 8,30 we were sitting comfortably in the cinema. We watched Step Up 2 - The Streets. Since we had recently watched Step Up we thought of watching also the sequel. I really enjoyed it. I've always been a huge fan of street-dancing (or whatever you call it) and watching people doing those amazing moves is something I never get bored of.

Anyway, I've really had enough of my current host, so I'm seriously thinking about changing it. Does anyone know a good host with possibly cheap prices? I'd really appreciate if you could give me some advice. Thanks. :D

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