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I was going to reply to you guys' comments, but I then I realised that I would be writing the same replies about my health and so I decided to just write an entry about it.

So. I went to the physiotherapist on Saturday. She worked on my abdominal area and it was quite painful. She's pretty sure that my psoas muscle is really tight and that's what's been causing the nausea and all my other stomach problems.

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is, the cause of all these problems has been found and if it ever happens again, I know now that I need to go to the physiotherapist. The bad news is, I've had a session with the physiotherapist and I've been feeling weird ever since. That, and the problem might not go away as quickly as I hoped it would.

She barely touched upon my psoas muscle, she just touched the surface of my tummy and it hurt quite a lot. After the session, I was trembling all over (and I wasn't cold or anything) and I'm still feeling a bit sick. I'm still taking my medicines, which is getting quite annoying now, and I'm still not able to eat three normal meals a day.

But all of this bears the question - why did this muscle get tight? Well, it seems that, when I'm tense or stressed or worried, all the tension goes into this one muscle that causes these kind of problems. Some people get tension in their shoulders or necks - I get it in my psoas muscle, right near my stomach, which causes nausea, which then causes me not to eat. I guess this is just my luck.

At the end, the physiotherapist explicitly said to take some time off - just relax, do what I enjoy doing and just stop stressing over uni, essays and whatnot. She told me to rest, drink water and just take it easy for a while. Which I will do.

Let's admit it - I've been stressing and worrying all my life about different stuff - now it's uni and essays, but before that it was school, exams, grades... not to mention the times my mom has pressured me about school and now I'm putting pressure on myself because I want to make my parents proud. At some point it's just too much and the body can't handle it. I mean, I'm at the point now where I feel physically sick because of all the stress. I've officially done it - I've overworked myself.

I'm going to take some time off from university. I'm not going to drop out, I'm just going to take it a bit easier from here on. Now, I have an essay due in a week and another one due in three weeks. If I'm going to take it easy, I'm not going to make the deadlines, considering I still have some reading to do for my equity one (due in a week) and I have done absolutely no reading at all for my public law one (due in three weeks). I'm going to contact my advisor of studies and discuss about what to do. I've already missed a week of lectures and I'm not sure I'm going to attend this week's lectures at this point. I'll talk to my advisor and see what I can do about it. I was thinking of asking for an extension of my essays, so I will be able to submit them without going crazy. And then we'll see about lectures and tutorials. Maybe I'll be able to submit a note from the doctor or physiotherapist about my health and that will excuse me from being absent from tutorials, which are compulsory. We'll see. I'm not too worried about it now, tbh, and I shouldn't worry anyway.

Well, that'all about my health. Gossip Girl is starting again today and I can't wait! ♥ Next time I will hopefully start that meme I posted some time ago. :)
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Hello, DW! I woke up at 8am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. I'm kinda irritated by my inability to sleep in, lol. I always wake up either at 7 or 8 every morning and I don't know why. I guess I should be happy that my body is now used to certain rhythms or something, but sometimes I just wish I could sleep until 9 or 10, considering that I've been really lucky with my timetable for this semester and 90% of my lectures start at or after 10am. I've never been a morning person, but now it seems that I've become an early bird. Life is strange sometimes.

Anyway. I'm getting into the habit of posting more frequently now and I really hope I can keep it up. For years I've neglected my journal when I was on LJ, but now that I'm on DW, I somehow want to post more. It's like I've re-discovered how fun LJ was when I first joined that site. So, sorry if I end up spamming your f-lists!

Speaking of LJ... I can't believe how quiet it is these days. Now my f-list on DW is actually more active than my f-list on LJ - and I used to have a very active f-list. These days, only 2-3 people actually manage to update their LJs. It makes me very sad. I wish everyone who still used LJ would move over here. DW is such a nice place to be. I don't know what the owners of LJ plan to do with that site in the future, but I sense it's not going to be pretty. I've seen screenshots on how they would like LJ to look in a few years and I was genuinely scared. I'm very glad I moved over here and a big thank you goes to my LJ friends who still comment on my entries, despite the move. You're amazing, guys. ♥

Onto other matters. According to Amazon, the law books that I ordered should arrive today. Which means I will most likely spend the next days reading the materials for the Equity & Trusts essay that I have to do. It would be great if I could finish it before the deadline, so wouldn't need to worry about it anymore and if I needed to edit something, I could just go back to it without being pressured for time.

Yesterday my dad sent me money! Most of it will go to the university to pay for accommodation, but I'll still have more than £200 to pay for food and anything else. Not that I'm going to spend all that money, but it's nice to know that you're economically safe in case anything should come up.

I also changed my moodtheme yesterday. I will forever love my Leverage animated moodtheme (in fact, I might go back to using it in the future), but I felt like my journal needed a change of moodtheme. Now I have an animated moodtheme of the second season of Gossip Girl, which is my favourite season so far. I really like it! ♥ I think the gifs are perfect for every mood. :D

Anyway. Since I want to post more, but it seems that real life is going to be kind of boring for the next few days (I'm not going to torture you guys with Law of Equity & Trusts, lol), I thought I'd do... exactly, a meme! It's been so long since I've done one. This one might be rather old (I've found it while searching for old posts on a LJ memes community), but I've never done it and it looks interesting. I will actually start it tomorrow, for now I'll post the whole meme so I don't have to include it in every post. Here it is!

30 day meme )

And that's all for now. See you guys in the next post! :D
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Hello, guys! I'm not feeling too well today, so I decided not to go to my lectures (I only had two hours of lectures anyway) and instead write an entry here.

First of all: if you like Gossip Girl, please consider joining [community profile] gossip_girl! I offered to help bring the community back to life and I became the new admin! So now I'm promoting the community as much as I can, so that more people can join. Right now there's a friending meme going on, so everyone can get to know each other. I have many plans for this community and I really hope it becomes the "hub" for Gossip Girl fans on Dreamwidth. So, if you're a fan, please do join! :D

Now, onto other matters. As far as real life goes, everything is okay. Andrew was here from Monday until Wednesday and now he's back home. It was really nice to have him here and to be able to spend time together, just the two of us. ♥ We watched Scrubs, had a marathon of How I Met Your Mother (I want to watch the whole show and Andrew doesn't mind watching it with me. Now we're almost finished watching season 1), went around town - the usual stuff. We found an amazing shop which sells second-hand games/movies/tv series/etc. which has stuff at incredibly cheap prices! It has become our new favourite shop in town! I bought a game, Folklore, for the PS3, for just £12! It looks really good though, I can't wait to try it! Andrew has also bought me the Mummy trilogy (all three movies for just £5), which are my guilty pleasure movies. XD He has never seen any of the Mummy movies, so I'll make him watch all three when I go back to his house.

On another note, I've been thinking of buying an eReader for a while. reasons and self-doubting behind the cut )

So yeah, should I buy one or not? I thought I would ask your opinions on this, guys, before I bought one. Right now I'm eyeing the Kobo glo, which is coming out here in the UK on Monday, October 1st.

And that's all for this entry. I'm going to get something to eat now. :D Until next time!
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HELLO, DREAMWIDTH! I'm really excited to be posting here for the first time. :D I've been meaning to write here for a long time, but some things prevented me from posting earlier...

So, first things first: hello to all the new people I friended on DW! ♥ I'm Chibi and this journal is mostly about fandoms and real life. I still don't have an official intro post, although I'm planning to make one soon. If you have accounts on other sites (such as twitter, tumblr, myanimelist, etc.) and if you want to add me there too, just let me know! :)

Okay, so. There's a lot of stuff I need to write, so this entry will be mostly bullet points so I don't get confused. Also, I'm going to divide real life updates and fandom updates. Here we go!


real life being... well, real life )

Man, all rl updates seem to be very depressing... XD; But here come the happy fandom updates!


lots of new & old (& weird) fandoms! )

Also, due to my new fandom obsessions (i.e. Loki/Daenerys) I've actually discovered the awesomeness that is Tumblr. I changed my username because I didn't like the one I had before, so if anyone wants to add me, I'm skywinged over there! :D My Tumblr is still quite empty, basically because I don't know what to put there and I feel embarrassed about reblogging other people's stuff... for now XD; I'm hopeless, I know

Well, that's all for now! Expect another update soon. :) Also, I might start a 30 days meme or something... just so I can update more. Until next time! :D
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Hello, hello! My first two exams are over, which means there's only one more to go! It's going to be about criminal law, so I'm not too worried about it - it's the module I enjoyed the most this semester, so things stuck to my memory more. :D I also promised I was going to write a life update entry, but I just realised that I... really don't have anything exciting to say. XD

I'm on Easter Holidays, as you already know and my lectures officially finished a month ago. Now I only need to study for my last exam (which is on the 15th of May) and then I'm basically on summer holidays! Wow, time really does fly... I might be going back to Italy at the beginning of June. Right now I'm staying at Andrew's (my boyfriend) house - his family is really nice and they don't mind having me around for a month or two. I'm really, really lucky to have met Andrew... if it weren't for him, I would probably be spending these two months alone in my campus room while waiting for my exams to be over.

Anyway. Seeing as I don't have much to say, I'll do another one of those Writer's Block. Also, as soon as I read this one, I knew I had to write an answer for it.

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warning: SPOILERS for season 5 of Gossip Girl )

Sorry about that, guys. XD; I just... really needed to get that out of my system. Anyway, I shall post more soon! :D

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