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I went to the doctor again today, because I was prescribed capsules and I just can't swallow them; so I had the doctor prescribe me tablets instead. He was a new doctor at the practice and I really liked him! He made me feel at ease, was very friendly and smiled a lot. He asked about my law degree and I said I wasn't going to continue with it and that I'm thinking of going into Journalism or Web Design. He looked at me, smiled broadly and said, "Oh, that's very exciting!" He looked genuinely happy for me, haha. And I agree, it is very exciting. This put me in a good mood. :)

Speaking of web design, I found a PDA course in Perth College in Web Design that covers pretty much what I'm interested in. It should last only one year and it's a part-time course that runs from 6-9pm, which would be perfect for me if I got a job at Waterstones. It starts quite soon (in about a week and a half's time), but I should still be be able to apply for it. I asked a few specific questions about the course and am now waiting for a reply to my email before I apply. Hopefully there are no major entry requirements for this course, and if there are, then hopefully my knowledge of HTML and CSS, plus the fact that I've been designing websites for years, will help me in my application. But anyway, I'm very excited about it! This way I can see if I would enjoy studying computing, I can experience what working for clients is like, study at least the basics of some programming languages that I don't know very well and even get a certificate for it! :D

I also called in order to apply for a National Insurance number today. My appointment to prove my identity and submit my application for the NINO is on Monday morning, in Edinburgh. I would've done this sooner if I had known I needed one, but hopefully I'll get one before I get a reply to my job applications. From what I understand, I can technically work without a NINO, it just won't count towards my pension? Or something like that. I don't know how it works in terms of benefits and stuff like that. I've always been horrible at understanding this stuff.

That's about it, really. I'll go enjoy the rest of my day, since I feel so cheerful today. :D

P.S. I watched The Lion King II last night and now I have the song "Not One of Us" stuck in my head. XD
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I feel like writing an entry today, even though nothing new has happened. The only news I have is that I'm going to the physiotherapist today for my tight psoas muscles (which are so tight, they actually hurt). I know the session is going to be painful, but it'll make me feel better in the long run. So I'm half looking forward to it and half fearing it.

I've been taking 10mg of medicine for the past few days and I've been feeling okay, which is good. :D

If you like or even hate The Hunger Games, I found a couple of interesting articles about how Katniss appears to be a strong female character, but ultimately isn't. Here they are: one and two. Do read them in order, as the second article is a response to the comments on the first one.

I agree with both articles, but then again I never really liked Katniss and consider THG to be an okay series (completely ruined by the last book, imo) which is somewhat over-hyped. But I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts! :) I'm really in the mood for a bit of fandom discussion!
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I am in a very good mood today. :D I just applied for a job as a bookseller in Waterstones in Perth. Working in a bookshop would actually be a fantastic job, given my big love for reading! In the application for the job I described my love for reading in great detail - I mentioned I had an ereader which allows me to carry more than 200 books on it (and my list of books is continuously growing) and that I love to read Japanese manga as well, so hopefully that will count in my favour. I think I wrote a pretty good application for this job and the website said I was a good candidate for the job based on my answers to their questions... which means I'll be super-crushed if they don't hire me for it. /sarcasm... sort of The ad for this job was posted today as well, so that means I'm one of the first people to apply for it, which hopefully makes me look good in their eyes. Keeping all my fingers crossed here!

I was a little bummed this morning because I applied yesterday for a job at H&M and they replied today saying I didn't get the job. Which was... a very quick response and obviously not what I was hoping for. But whatever, I like Waterstones better anyway. As for the job as a spa receptionist, I'm still waiting for a response on that one. I sent an email today and they said to wait until next Wednesday for a reply to my application. So basically all I need to do now is wait. I really hope I can get a job at either of them!

In university news, I received an email last week from the law school saying I am liable for termination of studies. Basically, because I haven't passed a subject before the second anniversary of the year following the date of first matriculation, my studies are liable for termination. The options for me at this point are: a) to repeat the current year of study if I want to still attend university; b) to take a year out, redo the examinations and then resume the degree the following year; or c) to terminate my studies now.

So I replied that I had discussed what I wanted to do with my advisor of studies and that I was going to take the year out and redo semester 1/second year exams in December. This situation has come up because I haven't passed a first year subject (Criminal Law) and I should have retaken the exam for that this year, but I didn't since nobody freaking told me. I'm an international student, I didn't know that's how universities in the UK worked - how was I supposed to know I had to retake that exam when no one told me? So yeah, I'm a bit ticked off at the university for this. I did ask, however, if I could retake the Criminal Law exam as well, since I can't get my Diploma if I don't pass that subject. Ugh, university, why are you making dropping out and getting a Diploma so hard? So now I'm waiting for the Committee to meet tomorrow and they will let me know what they decide on Thursday.

And lastly, as for the renting place, they still haven't found anyone to rent my room. They haven't requested any money, but I noticed yesterday that they haven't given me back my deposit of £250, which they said they would give back in full. And that was a week ago. So I emailed them about it and the girl said she would pass the message on to her colleague who takes care of deposits. I checked again this morning and the deposit is still not back. I've decided that I'll wait one more day and if my deposit is not back by tomorrow, I'll email them again. I'm really not sorry for pestering them like this - the money should have been given back to me a week ago, when I cancelled the room. They've had more than a week to give me back the money and they haven't. They're taking their sweet time and I won't stand for it. It's like they're ticking me off on purpose.

Andrew's sister's husband is a lawyer, so Andrew's father sent him an email explaining my situation and asking if I'd have a case. I've re-read their contract terms and the special condition of the contract is that the tenant must remain a student in full-time education. So it would follow that, if I'm not a student anymore, I don't fulfil the condition of the contract, therefore it must be void or at least voidable. I mean, a contract is made of an offer, an acceptance and, most important of all, consideration (which is, to put it simply, 'I do something for you, you do something for me') - that's the very basis of contract law. It's just so strange that they can tell me I have to pay for something that I am ultimately not using. There's no consideration in that - I'm not getting anything from the contract, while they are still getting my money. That can't be right. It definitely seems very unfair to me. So I'm waiting for a reply on this matter as well.

In health news, I took 10mg of medicine this morning instead of 20mg. So far, so good. :D

Anyway, that's about it for real life. I hope everything goes well, especially with the job applications!
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I went to the doctor today to get my usual prescription. He prescribed me 10mg tablets instead of 20mg, so that I can try and come off the medication slowly. If I still feel sick with 10mg, I'll just double up the dose and try taking less medication another time. He said I'm definitely too young to be on permanent medication and I agree. It would definitely be amazing if I could come off this medication once and for all! Which reminds me, I need to book a session with my physiotherapist soon for my tight muscles. The only problem is that she lives in Edinburgh and usually I go there with Andrew and his dad when they go climbing on Saturdays and I have my appointment... but ever since Andrew's got a job they stopped going there because he works basically every Saturday, so I haven't had a session since the beginning of May, and that's almost four months. Anyway, I also registered with the practice in Andrew's town, since I'm not living in Dundee anymore and there's no point in me having my GP in Dundee if I don't live there.

On a fandom note, I was thinking of opening some fandom communities here on DW. Specifically, I was thinking of a community for CLAMP manga and another one for Disney animated films (plus icon communities for both fandoms). I've already created the communities, at the moment I'm just wondering two things: 1) if anyone would be interested in joining them; and 2) if their names are okay. For the CLAMP community, I created both [community profile] clampesque and [community profile] clamp_manga and I don't know which one I should turn into the actual community. (I also sent a PM to the admin of [community profile] clamp, which has never been updated to ask if I could help with the community.) As for Disney, there's already a community called [community profile] disney, but it seems it never opened to the public properly. I also sent a PM to the admin, asking if I could help promote it and bring it to life. (I hope that doesn't make me sound rude or anything. It just bothers me to see all these communities being created and never been updated.) I also created [community profile] animated_disney for animated Disney films. So, guys, what do you think of the community names? And would you be interested in joining?

I am going to try and update my journal every day. I've got at least two memes that I started years ago, but never finished. I might finish them in the next days.
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I cannot believe how long it's been since I posted here. (Two months, I believe?) And just when I had made lots of new friends, too! ;w; I'm so sorry, guys. But I'm back! And oh man... I have so much to talk about, real life and fandom wise.

christmas, university, health )

fandoms: the hunger games finale (spoilers), all the books I've read over the holidays (which include George Orwell), the tons of movies I've watched... yeah, lots of stuff )

Well, that was quite a long entry! But anyway, I hope you guys are doing great! :D

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