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I will address the title of this entry in a bit, but first: I HAVE A JOB INTERVIEW. TOMORROW.

Sadly, it's not for Waterstones (the bookshop). They contacted me earlier in the week saying they had found someone "more qualified for the job" than me. So yeah, I was pretty sad about it. Andrew told me not to worry over it, that getting a job is a question of "win some, lose some" and he's right. I think I might have also sent a CV that they didn't like. I have a Europass CV (which has been advertised a lot in Italy and it's supposed to help you get a job anywhere in Europe), but I recently found out that UK employers don't really like that CV. So I wrote myself another one and I sent it to this shop/cafe in Andrew's town. The shop is called Cocoa Mountain. Do you see where this is going? I might be working in a chocolate shop. As a chocolate-maker and seller. If there's one thing I love more than books, it's probably chocolate. And the shop is so close to Andrew's house that I won't have to take any buses or anything. It would pretty much be perfect.

So my job interview for the chocolate shop is tomorrow. I've never had a job interview in my life (I worked for my parents when I was in Italy), so I've been googling "common job interview questions" and thinking of answers for them. I'm not really stressing over it - if anything I'm more excited than stressed. A job interview means there's a possibility that I might get the job. And if I get the job, it means income. And income means independence from my parents! (I realise I won't be totally independent from my parents with a minimum wage job, but at least I can stop feeling guilty the rare times that I spend money.) So yeah, very exciting stuff indeed. :D

And now, onto the real topic of this entry, that is: what job I'd like to do. I've realised this a couple of days ago and I'm going to write it here as well, along with my thoughts.

cut for real life decisions and thoughts )

So yeah... lots of new exciting stuff coming my way. I still have to tell my parents... and I'm quite curious what they will say. Wish me good luck. :) Also, if you have any advice, feel free to leave a comment!
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It's the last day of August. Somehow I feel like that fact deserves to be mentioned. August has been... a very peculiar month. Actually, this whole summer has been peculiar. I feel like I haven't enjoyed it properly, or, if I did, only for a brief amount of time. I went back to Italy for a month, but it felt less than that. I think the reason why is because Andrew was in Italy with me only for a brief period of time (5 days) and - this is going to sound extremely cheesy - I don't really feel like I'm enjoying myself and actually living life when he's not there. When he's not with me, I don't feel like I'm living, I feel more like I'm surviving rather than living. He's the reason why I'm happy, why I enjoy myself, why I don't feel like I'm wasting my days. Because that's how I feel when he's not around - like I'm just wasting time, doing nothing (even on days when I'm extremely busy). But even just seeing him, talking to him or giving him a kiss - those little things make my days so much better, because a day with Andrew is not a day wasted.

Okay, cheesy and overly romantic boyfriend rants aside, I was describing my summer, which has been weird. The only days I really enjoyed were those days in Italy when Andrew was with me. Being in Italy on my own was pure boredom mixed with frustration. Boredom because my friends were only able to see me a couple of days in the whole month I was there and I didn't even have a job or anything to do at all while I was in Italy (couldn't even look for a job, as there are none available, for anyone). Frustration because my parents were at each other's throats due to financial trouble, my mother yelled at me various times because her shop was not going very well (like I had anything to do with it) and me feeling irritated at my parents because I had to give up looking for a summer job in Scotland in order to come back home and see them, only to be slapped in the face with various financial problems (that my parents had told me absolutely nothing about while I was in Scotland), which left me wondering why the hell they had begged me to come back when it would have made 10 times more sense for me to look for a job in Scotland and earn some money of my own, instead of sacrificing that to come back to Italy to do absolutely nothing. So yeah, it wasn't exactly the best summer holidays I've had.

I guess I also feel like my vacation never really began, because I knew I had resits in August. The whole summer, I've had to read updates on Facebook from people from my course about how they were enjoying their holidays in *insert random location here*, or how they'd gone back to their home country to spend the summer there, etc. And me? I couldn't go anywhere, or plan anything with anyone, because I had resits in August - I knew that I had to be back in Scotland for those. Knowing that you have exams in the near future does kinda ruin your summer vacation.

And then there was the whole dropping out of the course, leaving uni, figuring out what I wanted to do (which I haven't completely figured out yet)... Yes, August was a month full of surprises and changes. Despite that, I liked August - if anything because it was very eventful. But I like change. And I really think this will be a change for the best.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... this was a strange summer. It didn't feel like a vacation; it almost feels like it never started properly (for me); it was a mix of boredom, frustration, choices and changes; and now it's over. Whatever these past few months have been, they were not summer for me; and now they're over and autumn is coming. And, for once in my life, I'm welcoming autumn. I'm ready to leave this summer behind.

It feels almost like New Year's. Some big changes are about to take place in my life and I'm very excited. It feels like a chapter of my life is over - a very unhappy chapter, as far as my degree was concerned. It feels like something better is about to come. I feel almost like a new me.
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My dad thinks he resolved the issue with the renting place, but in reality he hasn't. They are still looking for someone to rent my room, so nothing's fixed for sure yet. At least they assured me they're working hard to find a replacement and when they do, they'll send me an email about it. And he still wants me to talk to a lawyer to rescind the contract. The problem is, unless their contract breaks the law (which I don't think it does, otherwise they'd just be putting themselves quite stupidly in trouble), I don't have a case. As I wrote last time, the only possible way is to show that I signed the contract in good faith and then only later changed idea... but, according to my dad, there is a way to rescind contracts in every country. He's not a lawyer, but he just knows there's a way to rescind the contract. Yeah, right, dad.

Also, he called Andrew's family's phone today. I have no idea how he got their number. Andrew answered the phone and my dad was on the other end. So I told Andrew to tell my dad that I wasn't there, that I couldn't talk. Because I'm still pretty damn pissed at my dad and I didn't want to talk to him. But then my dad must have insisted to talk to me because Andrew passed me the phone. So I told my dad I didn't want to talk to him and he very smugly said that I didn't want to pick a fight with him because it's not good to make him angry and he alluded that he would have brought me back to Italy. Yeah, dad, I'd like to see you try. I'm an adult now, I make my own decision and you don't have any right to force me into doing something I don't want to do. He thinks he has so much control over my life, but really, he doesn't. He thinks he scares me, but he doesn't. I'm not scared of his threats, I know they're empty. I was very close to just hanging up the phone on him. He just told me again to find a lawyer and then the conversation was over. Ugh, he really drives me mad.

Overall I'm feeling better than yesterday. Still feeling pretty angry at my parents though.

On a happier note, Andrew and I had dinner in Perth last night. Since the place opened after 5pm, we just decided to go there for dinner. They did amazing food. I ate arancini (which were very weird, since they didn't have any tomato sauce in them, just rice and cheese) and a very tasty lasagna (which I couldn't finish, so I brought it home with me and and had it today for lunch), while Andrew ate calamari and a pizza (the pizza was definitely the most Italian pizza I've ever seen in the UK, he said it was great). We had a great night out and I really enjoyed it.

I applied for a job as a Spa receptionist in a super fancy hotel near Andrew's house (which is also the place where he works). They will hopefully let me know within two weeks if I got the job or not. In the meantime I'll also hand my CV around in Perth. At this point I just really want to get a job just so I can shut my mom up about being jobless.

I'm off to play ocarina.
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I think I found a solution for my "too many icons" problem. Every day, from now on, I'm going to remove an icon that I don't use as much as other icons and replace it with a new icon. That way this process will not take me too much time every day and I can do it without pressure. :)

Andrew and I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame today in Italian (with Italian subtitles for Andrew). He couldn't completely understand it, but he got the gist of what was happening and, for the way they were talking, it shows that he's getting pretty good. I downloaded the film in Blu-Ray because it was one of the few copies that had it in both languages and with subtitles and HOLY COW BLU-RAY IS AMAZING. I had watched Hunchback many times, but never in Blu-Ray and it was stunning. I NEED MORE DISNEY FILMS ON BLU-RAY. Anyway, he enjoyed it and thought it had very strong themes for children. That's why it's one of my favourite Disney films. It definitely doesn't speak down to kids, it's brutal and scary at times, but it's nothing children can't handle. Also, its music is just amazing. I love it so much.

In other news, it looks like I won't live in Dundee this year. I had a room rented with an establishment outside of university and apparently they do not want people who are not students to live in their buildings. However, apparently they're perfectly okay with taking money out of you to pay for the rent even if you can't live there. here's a rant )

here's another rant about my mom )

That's enough for one entry. I'm off to download more Disney films on Blu-Ray. Hopefully I will receive some good news about the place, otherwise I'm not going to be happy.
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So, hello guys! My first week of lectures is officially over, so I thought I'd pop here and write what's happened/what's going on in my life at the moment. I'll try to write an entry at least every weekend, so I can also actually realise that time is passing... sometimes I'll come back to my journal and see that I haven't posted in over a month and I'll be like, "... where has this month gone?!", lol. XD But yeah, since this year I'm trying to manage my time better, I thought that doing this and updating my journal might actually be beneficial on some level, so... here goes!

So, I came back to Scotland on the 5th. I stayed at Andrew's house for half a week and then moved to my room on campus on Sunday night. I have to say, the first week of lectures hasn't actually been too bad. I don't have a day off during the week like last year, but it seems that this semester I have no lectures at 9am, which is nice. I do have a lecture of Public Law on Thursdays from 5 to 6pm though... when I first saw it on the timetable, I was like, "... who the hell puts a lecture of Public Law so late in the afternoon?!" lol. Public Law is famous among law students for being the most boring module of possibly the entire course, so the fact that it's been placed so late in the day is not exactly helping our attention span... if anything, it really makes you want to skip the lecture, lol. XD But apart from that, the rest of the timetable is okay.

I have already 2 essays to prepare (I'm not sure about Commercial Law, I haven't heard anything about an essay for it... yet), one for Law of Equity & Trusts and the other for Public Law. The first one is due in exactly a month, the other in a month and a half. So really, as soon as I finish one, I will have to start the other one immediately. There's quite a lot of reading required for Equity, so that will certainly take a while. I'm sure it will be the same for Public Law, but I haven't looked at it yet, so I can't say for sure... but I highly suspect it will be the same.

I must say, on paper all three modules for this semester sound kind of boring, but the lecturers are actually working hard in making the modules sound interesting and it shows... so I haven't really been that much bored in class. XD We have good teachers, so I can't complain.

Now, onto other matters - specifically health matters. Ever since I started uni (Monday) I've been feeling really drained, exhausted, like something was literally sucking the energy out of me. I thought it was because I hadn't slept much on Sunday night, so I let it pass, but then the symptoms became worse. Every time I ate something, I felt like I was going to be sick - regardless of what or how much I actually ate. I felt really bad for a couple of days - anything that I put in my mouth made me feel nauseous. I forced myself to eat some bread and cereals, because not eating at all would have made me feel worse, but I still felt pretty bad. I literally couldn't eat.

So, after getting scared, I promptly called the doctor and got an appointment on Thursday (yesterday). I told everything to the doctor, she made me do some quick exams to make sure that I didn't have anything horrible going on and then she gave me some medicine for the nausea to take an hour before I eat, so I don't feel sick and can actually have some food. She also booked me an appointment on Monday morning to see how I am and if I'm still feeling like this, then they'll take a sample of my blood and see if there's anything wrong.

I took a tablet last night before dinner (I only had a sandwich though, I don't want to eat anything too complex until I feel better) and one today before lunch and I didn't feel sick! :D Which is good. I didn't exactly have the healthiest lunch today - I had a small beef burger and a sandwich too, lol. In my defence, I was really hungry and I wanted to get some meat in my system (I think I've been feeling tired and light-headed because I'm not giving my body enough food in a day). I'll try having some meat again tonight with maybe some salad... and maybe even a bit chocolate (lol, I just need chocolate to get by! XD).

So yeah, we'll see how I feel on Monday. Right now I just want to sleep and wake up only to take the tablet and eat, tbh... which is probably what I'm going to do this weekend, lol.

In the meantime, I will forever facepalm at my parents. usual rant about my mom )

So that's the end of my health problems. Which means it's time to move on to other things... specifically boyfriend related! :D

Andrew has dropped out of uni, so he hasn't been here this week. He came to see me on Monday, but I was feeling pretty bad, so we didn't really do much... We went around town for a bit, but since I was feeling nauseous, we came back to my room and just watched some Scrubs. I haven't seen him since. I was planning on going to his house this weekend and taking the train after my last lecture, but apparently I'm more sensitive to travel sickness now, so I didn't really want to take the train and risk feeling worse... instead I'm going to take the train tomorrow morning, since I generally feel better in the morning. He's coming to pick me up at 10:15am, but I might actually take the train that arrives an hour early, just to be sure... Yeah, I'm pretty paranoid when it comes to illnesses, as you can see, lol.

As for fandoms, I've started reading Pandora Hearts! I must admit, I wasn't too captured by it at first, but I kept reading to see if something interesting would happen... And after volume 4, I was hooked! I'm now at the end of volume 6 and I really want to know what happens next! But right now I need to read stuff for my essays... Damn, I'm always discovering new stuff when school/uni starts, lol! XD

And that's pretty much it for my first week. I might write a quick update once I'm at Andrew's house - if not, I'll just try and update next Friday again. I shall keep up with my schedule this time! Now I'm off to watch some TV on my computer while I wait for the medicine to kick in. Until next time! :D

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