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Hello, DW. I definitely feel better today. I felt better as soon as I wrote down that rant yesterday, actually. My journal is very therapeutic. I'm still sad about losing the card, obviously, but I don't feel angry or frustrated anymore. Which is good.

Anyway. Life updates!

Yesterday was Andrew's birthday. Andrew, his family and I went to dinner the night before, so we kind of celebrated both his and my birthday with a night out. Andrew had to go to work yesterday, so he wasn't here and therefore we couldn't really celebrate. My gift to him was a cover for his Macbook, which he wanted and that is going to turn useful later on. His mom and his sister gave him a couple of gifts as well. Overall Andrew wasn't too fussed about his birthday, but he really wants my birthday to be special. Unfortunately he'll be working on the actual day of my birthday, but he wants us to have dinner somewhere special on Monday (tomorrow), the day before my birthday, which is also his day off. ♥ Andrew's mom and sister also baked us chocolate cake. I forgot how it felt to have someone bake you a cake on your birthday. I'm just so not used to it. But I do love cakes!

I met with my advisor of studies on Thursday. She didn't try to convince me to stay in Law, which was good. I have both good news and not-so-good-but-not-terrible news.

overall good news behind the cut )

My next course of action is to find a local magazine in Dundee or a photographer studio and ask if I can work for them. I need to write down as many reviews of books/games/anime and essays as I can to put in my "clippings" (writing samples to give to magazine editors) and I already have a proto-portfolio ready for my photos. This is really scary, but I have to do this, to try and make the first step, like Andrew says. So yeah, wish me good luck!
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I have too many fandoms and not enough icon space. You'd think a paid account of 250 icons would be enough, right? Nope. Not for me. I'm trying to delete some icons so I can make space for other fandoms and I'm trying to have between 3 and 5 icons for each fandom... but of course it doesn't work that way. Because for some fandoms I want to upload 10+ icons and that leaves no space for other fandoms. Also, the ever-present problem of 'which icon do I delete'. I want to keep pretty much 90% of the icons I already have uploaded. So I have no space to upload new icons. I'm seriously considering giving in an just buy some permanent icon space, but I don't know if I should.

My advisor of studies replied to one of my emails. She wants to meet on Thursday, which is the day of my last resit. That, and the fact that she did not reply to my second email (the one where I had asked her some serious questions and told her I was considering not going to the resits) slightly ticks me off, to be honest. I kinda needed some advice about my resits. I know she probably wants to meet and talk about this calmly, but she could have written something via email. She could have told me what she thought about me not going to my resits. But nope. Nothing. She's not exactly doing much to make me like her.

I have some great news though - I think I've made a new friend! :D Her name is Aisling and she's an American who's lived in Scotland for most of her life. I met her a while ago, while going with Andrew to this place where young christians hang out (although I'm not religious, Andrew is and I decided to tag along for the discussions). I added her on Facebook, but I was too shy to talk to her. But I wanted to get to know her better, if that makes sense? So after thinking about it, I decided to send her a message and we started talking. She's studying coding and programming at a college, so we geeked about that for a while and then moved onto a variety of other topics, like books, games, university and such. We talked for hours. She doesn't play much video games, but I told her that there's a variety of games out there and that she probably hasn't played the right game yet! So I told her about the Harvest Moon games, which I'm completely addicted to. She told me she'd like to try them out! :D So we're meeting sometime next week, on Andrew's day off from work, to hang out and I promised her I would lend her my Harvest Moon game so she could try it out! Ahh, it's so great to make friends. Shows that I still can make friends. And as usual, I make more friends outside of my uni course than in the actual classroom. So yeah, I'm really happy about having made a new friend. ♥

Andrew and his dad went away yesterday with their climbing coach to do some serious climbing and they won't be back until Thursday, which is the day of Andrew's birthday. I'm getting him a cover for his Macbook, because I don't know what else to get him and I already got him a copy of Catcher in the Rye last year as a random present. Ever since he started his job he's bought me quite a lot of presents: a pair of earrings, the whole Sailor Moon manga in Italian and Animal Crossing: New Leaf! And I'm pretty sure he's going to buy me the new Harvest Moon game (A New Beginning), as soon as it comes out in Europe, as a present for my birthday, which is... relatively soon, actually (20th August). I'm going to be 22, you guys. Scary thought.

So, I promised I'd talk about books... and here it is! Beware though, I've read quite a lot of books in the past few months, I'll try to summarise my thoughts as much as I can, but for some books I need to rant, so... you've been warned!

cut for huge list of books + spoilers! )

Aaaaand that's it! Whew, that was a long update. Do follow me on Goodreads if you're interested, though!
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Okay, I don't know how much I'll be around (tonight we're having our typical Christmas dinner and tomorrow is Christmas, so I don't think you'll see me that much during these days XD), so I just wanted to tell you all...


You guys are really the best and I love each and every one of you. I hope you spend a wonderful Christmas and may you all be free from trouble/bad thoughts, at least for this special holiday~! ♥

I'm taking a little break from the meme for now and I'll catch up with all your entries/comments when I'll be around again~ :D

Edit: I almost forgot! why am I made of fail when it comes to birthdays I want to wish happy birthday to Espo ([ profile] winged_requiem)! ♥ I hope you have a great birthday~! :D
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Yo, guys! :D I feel quite cheerful today. I was suddenly hit by inspiration yesterday night and started writing one of the crossover fanfictions I had in mind and I kind of like the way it's turning out. :D Also, I watched Gossip Girl's latest episode today (4x10) and I also managed to catch up on a couple of Leverage episodes.

usual gossip girl/leverage fangirling, which includes spoilers and one of the funniest moments of season 3 of leverage XD )

Onto other matters, I would like to wish happy birthday to Andrea ([ profile] royalbk) (whose birthday was actually yesterday) and Emiko ([ profile] animefanemiko)! ♥ I hope you had/have a fantastic day~! :D

Also, I just wanted to remind you guys of the Time Capsule Meme, just in case you'd missed it, or you felt like writing something to me... or something. XD

Next time I'm going to start the Ten Days Meme that everyone seems to be doing recently... I think it's going to be interesting. :D
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It's always kind of awkward to come back to LJ after I haven't written anything for an entire month (and more). But you guys know how it is, right? Every once in a while I go on a semi-hiatus because life is crazy and it's really a miracle if I have time to breathe and think. But I always come back once I'm on holiday! :D

Many things have happened and I really have a lot to talk about. First I got sick, then there was this important ball at my school, then more private stuff going on (not to mention I still need to talk about my trip to Greece /epic fail). It would take a lot of time to write about everything and that's why I can't do it right now. Tomorrow is Christmas and I'm going to spend tonight with my parents, just eating and spending some time together ♥ (hopefully without my mother ruining the atmosphere like she always does). I haven't even seen my Christmas gift yet, but I'm sure my father will bring it home as soon as he arrives. ♥ But tomorrow I'll start writing as soon as I have a couple of spare hours and you'll get to know everything, I promise. :D

Today, however, I wanted to pop in just to wish everyone...
Merry Christmas!

I hope that each and everyone of you has a great Christmas day and that sadness will leave you alone, at least for this special day! ♥ (Lol, aren't I original? XD)

And I also want to wish a very happy birthday to my friend Espo ([ profile] winged_requiem), who turns 18 today! I hope you had a wonderful day, Espo-chan! :D ♥

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