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Hello guys! I'm writing from Andrew's house. Nothing super exciting has happened this week, but I thought I'd write an entry anyway. Much like the last entry, this is going to be divided in real life and fandom updates.

real life: andrew being awesome, my nausea coming back, more computer stuff )

fandoms: more big bang theory and mockingjay (SPOILERS) )

And now it's time for a meme! I saw everyone doing this, so I thought I'd give it a shot, too. Here goes!

meme )

That's all for today. I know it isn't much of an update, but I just wanted to write a quick update. I hope you're all doing well! ♥
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Hello people from the awesome LJ → DW friending meme! I'm Chibi, nice to meet all of you! My basic info is on my profile, while a (sort of) intro post is right here. :D I also changed my DW layout for the occasion, haha.

This entry is going to be a mixture of fandoms and real life. We've had a lot of real life posts recently, so I want to balance things out a bit.

real life: back at uni, ereader, computer stuff )

fandoms: skyfall, the big bang theory, the hunger games, the it crowd; beware of SPOILERS )

And that's pretty much all. I need to start watching Once Upon a Time and finish the pilot of Elementary (but from what I've seen, I can tell I already love this show).

Also, I decided to start that 30-day meme that I posted some time ago, also in the hopes that it will make me update my journal more. Here goes! :D

day 1: something you hate about yourself )

That's all for today!
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Hello, DW! I woke up at 8am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. I'm kinda irritated by my inability to sleep in, lol. I always wake up either at 7 or 8 every morning and I don't know why. I guess I should be happy that my body is now used to certain rhythms or something, but sometimes I just wish I could sleep until 9 or 10, considering that I've been really lucky with my timetable for this semester and 90% of my lectures start at or after 10am. I've never been a morning person, but now it seems that I've become an early bird. Life is strange sometimes.

Anyway. I'm getting into the habit of posting more frequently now and I really hope I can keep it up. For years I've neglected my journal when I was on LJ, but now that I'm on DW, I somehow want to post more. It's like I've re-discovered how fun LJ was when I first joined that site. So, sorry if I end up spamming your f-lists!

Speaking of LJ... I can't believe how quiet it is these days. Now my f-list on DW is actually more active than my f-list on LJ - and I used to have a very active f-list. These days, only 2-3 people actually manage to update their LJs. It makes me very sad. I wish everyone who still used LJ would move over here. DW is such a nice place to be. I don't know what the owners of LJ plan to do with that site in the future, but I sense it's not going to be pretty. I've seen screenshots on how they would like LJ to look in a few years and I was genuinely scared. I'm very glad I moved over here and a big thank you goes to my LJ friends who still comment on my entries, despite the move. You're amazing, guys. ♥

Onto other matters. According to Amazon, the law books that I ordered should arrive today. Which means I will most likely spend the next days reading the materials for the Equity & Trusts essay that I have to do. It would be great if I could finish it before the deadline, so wouldn't need to worry about it anymore and if I needed to edit something, I could just go back to it without being pressured for time.

Yesterday my dad sent me money! Most of it will go to the university to pay for accommodation, but I'll still have more than £200 to pay for food and anything else. Not that I'm going to spend all that money, but it's nice to know that you're economically safe in case anything should come up.

I also changed my moodtheme yesterday. I will forever love my Leverage animated moodtheme (in fact, I might go back to using it in the future), but I felt like my journal needed a change of moodtheme. Now I have an animated moodtheme of the second season of Gossip Girl, which is my favourite season so far. I really like it! ♥ I think the gifs are perfect for every mood. :D

Anyway. Since I want to post more, but it seems that real life is going to be kind of boring for the next few days (I'm not going to torture you guys with Law of Equity & Trusts, lol), I thought I'd do... exactly, a meme! It's been so long since I've done one. This one might be rather old (I've found it while searching for old posts on a LJ memes community), but I've never done it and it looks interesting. I will actually start it tomorrow, for now I'll post the whole meme so I don't have to include it in every post. Here it is!

30 day meme )

And that's all for now. See you guys in the next post! :D
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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, one of the unis offered me a place! ♥ ♥ ♥ asdfghjkl can you believe it?! Someone actually accepted me! I mean, I've always been very doubtful since the moment I started my application and now that I know that I was offered a place at one of the unis, it's just... idk, somehow it just makes me really happy to think that someone out there thought I was good enough to study at their uni! ♥ ;w; The possibility of studying outside of Italy is real now. I mean, I know it's probably something stupid to say/think, but... ahh, I'm just so happy, I don't even think I'm making any sense now. XD; I still have to hear back from the other universities, but I think this offer was what I needed to make me truly believe that I can get accepted somewhere. ♥

I'm in a really good mood these days, despite the fact that it's EXTREMELY COLD. Seriously, this few days have been unbelievably cold. D: It's not raining or anything (on the contrary, it's been quite sunny recently), but it's the stupid wind that is cold. Even if outside is sunny, there is this strong, cold wind that just won't stop blowing. And guess what? The freaking cold air of the wind also gets into my room, because my window is made of fail and so it's never really warm in my room. ;w; And, y'know, it's kind of a problem, because I SLEEP THERE. (And I also have my computer there - it's not a laptop, so I can't move it around... right now I so wish I could.)

Anyway. I just realized the only (active) TV show I'm following right now is Gossip Girl (plus some House M.D. from time to time, while Leverage has ended around Christmas, so no new episodes until summer), so I think it might be a good time to start watching something new, too. I have a huge list of things I want to watch (probably some people on my f-list watch them, too) and they are: Legend of the Seeker (recommended by [ profile] kanki_yamato ♥), White Collar, BBC Sherlock, Supernatural (again, thanks to Kanki and her obsession with Dean! XD) and Merlin (which I have watched a few episodes already, but now I want to actually try and keep up with it XD)! Also, The Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who and Glee got me curious, I think I will look into them properly once I've finished watching those other series. Um, I think it's quite a long list. XD They should help me improve my English, right? Oh, and if anyone wants to recommend another TV show they think it's good, then please do! ♥ I'm open to suggestions. :D (I'm not a big fan of horror, though, so don't suggest anything too scary, please! XD;)

On another fandom note, INUYASHA IS KILLING ME. warning: spoilers for The Final Act! ... though I think I might be the only one here who has yet to finish watching the Final Act XD )

Well, I just had to let those thoughts out. XD Ahh, I'm kinda sorry that I fell out of the InuYasha fandom during these years. Now I'm totally back into it, though. ♥

Anyway, yesterday I finally finished recovering the files that I accidentally deleted a month ago! :D (Yeah, I'm terribly slow, I know XD;) Turns out I couldn't recover them all, but it's okay. The only ones I couldn't recover were a few movies that I had already watched (so I was gonna delete them anyway), plus all the episodes of Leverage (which I kinda need if I want to make videos about it). Don't worry, though, I can get them back easily. :) So yeah, mission: recovering files - accomplished! *victory pose*

And now, last but not least... meme! XD

Ten Days Meme )
day seven: four turn offs )
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Hello, LJ buddies! :D I haven't been on LJ much lately, I know. Sorry about that! ;_; I also have to reply to you all, I'm gonna do it asap! These days I'm trying to work on fanlistings, plus asking for money loan for university - which reminds me, one of the unis I sent the application to has also given me an email account that I will be using to keep in contact with the uni (and hopefully I will be using it for others things if I get accepted? ♥)! I felt so excited when I was setting the account. XD (Even though it's just an account, I still don't know whether I will be accepted or not. Still, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ♥) The uni even texted me to let me know that I had to setup the account and everything. I swear, I nearly screamed when I read this English text on my cellphone. XD Also, apparently my phone recognizes the uni (which I obviously do not have the number registered in my phone), but it does not recognize my friends' numbers when they text me. :/ Certainly, my cellphone is pretty messed up. XD;

Anyway. As you may know, I'm watching InuYasha - The Final Act and I must say, I am enjoying every second of it. The latest episodes got me glued to the sofa! XD; Right now I've got 4 more episodes to watch, which means it'll stop airing here next Saturday. This makes me so sad. ;; I always thought InuYasha was going to end... idk, when I turned 30 or something. XD Yeah. Anyway, I'll make sure to enjoy these last episodes. And, of course, I'll watch the last two episodes as many times as I can. then I'm going to download the whole Final Act, mhuahahahaha!

Seriously, though, it looks like I've fallen back into InuYasha lately. I suddenly want to re-watch all the movies (I watched them so long ago, I don't even remember them... orz /fail) and I'm looking around to see if I can find any episodes, too. I'm also going to see if I can find some good fanfics over at Wish me good luck, guys! XD

On another fandom note, GOSSIP GIRL IS NOT ON HIATUS ANYMORE. ♥ spoilers for 4x12 + opinions on Dan/Blair - VERY LONG )

... Gosh, that was long. I could write whole essays on Gossip Girl (or any other of my fandoms, really), haha. XD

Oh, I've been having REALLY weird dreams again. I'll talk about those next time, though. I've already written too much for this entry. XD;

In the meantime... have a meme! :D (I will also finish that Ten Days Meme, I promise! I'm just doing one meme per entry, so I don't feel like I have to fit more memes into one entry - and also, I don't want to overwhelm you guys with memes. XD;)


I'm going to catch up with all your entries in the next days! :3

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