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Finally I have some free time. Yay! xD;

I did well in all the tests that I did last week... well, not maths. ^^; Anyway, my German teacher is so absent-minded sometimes! xD; I got 7 1/2 in the test and I did the same mistakes as one of my friends, but she got 7/8. So I asked him why he gave us different marks if the mistakes were the same and he suddenly realized that he had made a mistake! xD; The he said: "I can't change it either, 'cause the semester has already ended!" and he started laughing, too! xD I laughed as well. I can't believe he did it for real. xD;

Oh, I started reading more manga. My new fandoms are Ouran Host Club & Naruto! <3 But I'll talk about them another day. ^^;
I posted some new icons at [ profile] afterain_icons. Most Tsubasa. ^^;
I also bought a new game for my PS2. It's called "Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana" and I totally love it! <3 I just have to figure out how to defeat that prism guardian...

Oh, yeah, today I didn't go to school, 'cause we didn't have hot water at home, so I just slept 'til 10:30 am. My mother took a shower anyway, even though the water was cold. She told me that she was freezing. Now all the problems have been resolved. What a relief! ^^;
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Hi. ^_^ Yes, I know, I haven't written here for a long time. School (especially mine) is hard. U_U;

However, I had dinner with my class on Thursday evening. We had a lot of fun. xD But then, the day after we had the German test, which is not really funny. xD; I think I mixed possessive adjectives & pronouns all together. Geez. German is so confusing! ;_;
Today we had the first school assembly for all the morning, which is so relaxing... I really like it. ^^ Plus, we watched an italian film, "Notte prima degli esami" ("Night before the exams") and it was so funny! xD It's one of the best italian films I've ever seen.

Now I'm going to post some icons at [ profile] afterain_icons. And I was wondering, would anyone be interested in a Sakura (from CCS & TRC) icontest? Since I couldn't find one, I thought I could run one, but it'll need members & banner makers. If you are interested, you can comment to this post. ^_^


Sep. 30th, 2006 10:17 pm
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I've just posted 35 new icons at [ profile] afterain_icons. I hope you like them and don't forget to leave a comment, please! <3 Thanks in advance!
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Taken from [ profile] lynkura's lj. I think that the result reflects my personality a lot. xD;

Oh, and by the way... Go and see my old icons. They're scary. xD;

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