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Hiya, guys! :D Today I went to the oculist and I found out something curious about myself. It looks like my eyes can see/read better when the lights are on in a room, rather than when they're off. My oculist said there's a specific scientific explanation for that (... I feel like I'm talking like Ema Skye from Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright, lol XD) - my pupil can see better when it's narrowed. (... I hope that's clear, I don't know the proper scientific term in English. XD;) Ha! Who would have thought. XD Thank goodness, my eyesight has not gotten terribly worse, I just need to wear contacts 8 hours a day and then go back to wearing glasses for the rest of the day. Not too bad. :3

Also, my oculist is made of win. XD He's a really funny man. He's always calling me things like, 'little lady' (signorina in Italian) and he's always polite and nice. He tells a lot of jokes, too. XD And he always tells me that I'm 'perfect', because I wear both contacts and glasses and I always do what he tells me to do. XD He's such a gentleman.

I do have to change glasses, however. This time I'm going to choose a pair of glasses that I really like, so I won't feel embarrassed when I wear them. XD (I'm so used to wearing contacts that I can't recognize myself anymore when I wear glasses, lol /fail)

On another note... CAN I STOP HAVING WEIRD DREAMS, KTHX. fandoms overload! )

And now... current obsessions meme! Since everybody's doing it~ :D Feel free to snag this meme, if you want to~ :3

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It's Sunday and I don't know what to do. The snow is still here and it hasn't melted yet, even though it's been sunny for the past few days. I'm so happy to be able to look at the snow from my window. ♥ Christmas is only a few days away and I've fully realized it only a couple of days ago (precisely, when it started snowing). I'm so excited! :D

Actually, there is something I'm not happy about. GOSSIP GIRL'S NEXT EPISODE IS GONNA BE ON JANUARY 24th? WHAT IS THIS. The show was getting good and now I have to wait more than a month for a new episode?! I AM NOT HAPPY.

I could also talk about something more serious, like my... possible feelings for someone... but I'm not sure it's a crush... yet. Yeah, confused Chibi is confused, as you can see. XD

As for now... have a meme! :D
♪ The Theme-song of Your Life meme ♪
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Yo, guys! :D I feel quite cheerful today. I was suddenly hit by inspiration yesterday night and started writing one of the crossover fanfictions I had in mind and I kind of like the way it's turning out. :D Also, I watched Gossip Girl's latest episode today (4x10) and I also managed to catch up on a couple of Leverage episodes.

usual gossip girl/leverage fangirling, which includes spoilers and one of the funniest moments of season 3 of leverage XD )

Onto other matters, I would like to wish happy birthday to Andrea ([ profile] royalbk) (whose birthday was actually yesterday) and Emiko ([ profile] animefanemiko)! ♥ I hope you had/have a fantastic day~! :D

Also, I just wanted to remind you guys of the Time Capsule Meme, just in case you'd missed it, or you felt like writing something to me... or something. XD

Next time I'm going to start the Ten Days Meme that everyone seems to be doing recently... I think it's going to be interesting. :D
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So. Today, after having a nice lunch, I decided not to go out because it's really cold and the weather is kind of meh. So I decided to chill on the couch beside my cat and see if there was anything good going on TV. As usual, nothing caught my interest, until I came across MTV. So I figured I'd listen to some music, but unfortunately, there was no music going on. Instead, what was airing at 3:00 in the afternoon, completely randomly and out of the blue, I shall add? InuYasha. But not just any episode. It was the Final Act. And the beginning, too, If I'm not mistaken. So, after a few seconds of shock and excitement and basically being all, 'OMG MUST WATCH!!' (all of that during the opening theme), I ended up watching two episodes of the Final Act. Which made really happy, because a) I haven't watched InuYasha in so long and I kinda missed it ♥; and b) I can finally watch the ending! :D asdfghjkl I'm so glad I decided to watch MTV. ♥ Though, I think they should have warned that they were going to air InuYasha on Saturdays (and most probably Sundays, too). They used to advertise anime a lot more in the past on MTV, but now... you need to be in the right place at the right time if you want to watch anything anime related, I guess. Which makes me really sad.

Also, I recently found out that there is an ANIME of Iron Man. Just, how cool is that?! I watched the first few episodes subbed in Italian (heck yes) and so far I think it's good and it has an interesting plot (totally not related to the movies or the comics, as much as I can see). Anime!Tony is... just... asdfghjkl ♥ And Pepper is awesome, too, although she doesn't have much screentime. I want to see some Tony/Pepper! Gimme moar Tony/Pepper sceentiem, animators! D:

Also, on a complete random note, I was watching an episode of Meitantei Conan the other day and the murderer was a man whose surname was Watanuki. And the victim had left a message on a date in his agenda to identify the murderer, and the date was April 1st. This to show that a) I am easily amused, b) hitsuzen probably exists, and c) I am totally obsessed with Watanuki although that wasn't really that surprising, was it?. XD

And now... meme time! This one was stolen from various people. I had fun doing it. :D

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Well... August is about to end and I don't want it to end, as usual. But this year's different. You know why? Because I'm not going back to school in September, OH YEAH. When all the people I knew in high school come to my mind, I think, '...poor unfortunate souls.' Especially those who will have to do their major State exams next year (those I had to do this year). Right now I'm so glad I was born in 1991.

Well, there's going to be university, but that's a different thing. My complicated/worried thoughts about university will have to wait until tomorrow, though, because now I'm too tired to write something so complicated. The drama will have to wait.

This reminds me... I have to make a list of the books I need to sell. Which means I have to get them out of my small closet where I keep all the books/notes/school stuff, which means I will need to re-organize that closet and get rid of all the paper I used for school which will be of no use to me anymore (like, all those papers where I did my math/physics exercises? BAI BAI! :D /waves lovingly at them with a devil smile), WHICH MEANS... I will finally have more space where I can keep my manga collection! Yes, finally. My precious manga volumes are practically falling off my other small closet (I have two of those, but they're not so big) and my mother has been complaining for a while about that. Well, not recently, but sometimes she has complained. And I always told her there'd be more space for my manga volumes once I got rid of my school books. Which I will get rid of this year. This feels like a dream come true. :D

Ahh, the true joys of graduation.

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