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okay, i lied. i'm still using the tag 'school' and i will be using it one more time for the graduation ceremony. but after that i won't be using it anymore!

So, the final results of my exams are... *drum roll*

79 80/100!

Which is really good~! :D okay, it's actually 79. but in my heart I know it's 80! and anyway, couldn't the teachers give me that stupid one point to reach 80? geeeeeez. But anyway, I like my final score. I did really good on my exams and I feel kinda lucky, because I found them pretty easy and they could have been a lot worse. Especially the Greek/Latin part, which, to my big surprise, wasn't difficult at all! ♥ Yes, I'm very pleased with my exams. :D

On July 15 there's the graduating ceremony and I will be officially out of high school. Now I need to think about university. But first... me and my friends are going to Vienna to celebrate our graduation~!! :D From July 23, till the 27th. I can't wait~! We're going to have so much fun!

As for now... have a meme! Stolen from [ profile] winged_requiem.

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Gawd, what a LONG hiatus. I have been very, very, very, very busy with very important final high school exams that I kinda need to pass so I can go to university this year. You have no idea how much stressed and busy I've been during these months. I knew they were going to be stressful and all, but I didn't expect them to be so stressful. Seriously, at one point in May I thought I was going crazy.

I was finished with all my exams exactly on June 30, which is a week ago. So yeah, June was spent revising rather than relaxing. Bu that's okay now, because I can finally say that...


Can you believe it?! :D I won't be complaining about school anymore (in fact, this is the last time I will be using the tag 'school'), I won't need to study 15 subjects anymore, I won't have to put up with stupid teachers and annoying people anymore (well, at least I won't be forced to 'because we are in the same class' or stupid stuff like that)... IT'S OVER.

I seriously can't believe it. I've been waiting for this moment the whole year and now I... can't quite realize I'm free and that everything is over.

That school... I've spent 5 years there. 6 days a week, from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening every day (well, except Saturdays) for 5 years. That school, it... took away many things from me, but it also gave me something special, something that another school could have never given me. The trips, the exchanges, the new experiences, the things that made me grow up, the things that made me cry, the things that made me angry and those things that made me laugh like crazy. I've met both bad and good people there. I mean, it's... it's weird to know that I won't have to go to that school anymore. I feel happy and relieved, but at the same time, I feel... kinda melancholy. I mean, it's understandable. I spent more time at school than at home during these 5 years. That school had become... my second home, in a way. So leaving that school is like leaving a place that has been my home for 5 years. I'm happy and sad at the same time. It's a strange feeling.

Lots of stuff happened during these months. The Americans from our exchange last year came here for 10 days and we had lots of fun. I did go to Sicily in the end with the theatre group and... I kinda wish I didn't, especially when we were stuck there because of the volcano in Iceland. Then my little cat was seriously ill to the point where she nearly died, but we managed to save her in time. And then, well, just the usual - school getting in the way of free time and teachers stressing us about exams and exams being... well, exams.

I think I'll stop here for today. This is just a post to celebrate me graduating from high school. I'll know the final results of my exams on July 10. According to my calculations, my final score should be around 75-85 out of 100. Either way, I'm really pleased with my exams. :D

Oh, and by the way... I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH GUYS!! ♥ ;_; *clings to everyone* Now that summer vacation has finally started, you'll definitely hear from me more! Love you all! ♥
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First of all, thank you guys for wishing me good luck on my German exam! ♥ :D

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Well, I wanted to do a meme, but meh, I'm too lazy and tired to write anything else. XD;

By the way, totally unrelated, but I think this Blair/Serena video is adorable! ♥
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Just popped in to say something that I need to get off my chest...

Final Fantasy XIII. I WANT THIS GAAAAAAAAAAME. SO, SO, SO BADLY. But I don't have a PS3, nor will I be seeing one until I graduate from high school... Plus, the March-April-May period is going to be very busy, so I wouldn't be able to play it even if I did get a PS3 (which is still veeeeery improbable). Life is so unfair sometimes. ;_; Anyway, I LOVE EVERY SINGLE VOICE. ♥ Lightning's one in particular, but really, they're all great. It's been a while since I've been so excited about a new game coming out, hehe~! :D

I wish I could write more, but here it's past midnight and my tired self is begging me to go to bed. ;_;

Btw, this week has passed! One more to go! Well, technically there are two more weeks left... ah, whatever. Sprachdiplom (German oral exam) is on Wednesday at 12:30 and tomorrow I shall try to learn what I'm going to say there, plus revise a little bit of math. Oh, and I have to study Italian, too. Yeah. Whatever happened to free Sundays?

/going back on semi-hiatus
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Yo, f-list. Since tonight I don't have anything I need to study for tomorrow, I decided I'd update my lj, since I haven't done so in the past week.

I'm still surviving school here. Our timetable is simply awful, believe me, and I really hope they will change it, because it's impossible for us to have such days. Like today. 2 hours of Greek&Latin, 3 hours of Italian, 2 hours of maths and 1 hour of English. CAN I HAS A WINDOW SO I CAN THROW MYSELF OUT, THNX ORZ.

Also, we already have, like, 4 tests or so next week. Teachers stop acting crazy, okay? /is loaded of work

Fortunately, tomorrow is Saturday, yay! I'll try to do most of my homework tomorrow afternoon, so I won't have to do it on Sunday. Yesterday I was so tired, I fell asleep on the couch around 8.00 pm or so, but I had to stay awake until 11.00 pm to study. Now I just want to sleeeeeeeeep. /headdesk

Right now my mind is just... blank. A lot of people seem to be getting sick recently. My immune system is pretty strong, so I should be fine. At least I think so.

I can't wait to start university. It will certainly be 1000 times better than my school. Actually, anything is better than my school, orz.

Well, that's it for today. I haven't written anything special, I know. Just a random, little post to let you know that I'm still alive. Maybe tomorrow I'll write more. :)

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Kai's fanlisting is finished! ♥ :D

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