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My dad thinks he resolved the issue with the renting place, but in reality he hasn't. They are still looking for someone to rent my room, so nothing's fixed for sure yet. At least they assured me they're working hard to find a replacement and when they do, they'll send me an email about it. And he still wants me to talk to a lawyer to rescind the contract. The problem is, unless their contract breaks the law (which I don't think it does, otherwise they'd just be putting themselves quite stupidly in trouble), I don't have a case. As I wrote last time, the only possible way is to show that I signed the contract in good faith and then only later changed idea... but, according to my dad, there is a way to rescind contracts in every country. He's not a lawyer, but he just knows there's a way to rescind the contract. Yeah, right, dad.

Also, he called Andrew's family's phone today. I have no idea how he got their number. Andrew answered the phone and my dad was on the other end. So I told Andrew to tell my dad that I wasn't there, that I couldn't talk. Because I'm still pretty damn pissed at my dad and I didn't want to talk to him. But then my dad must have insisted to talk to me because Andrew passed me the phone. So I told my dad I didn't want to talk to him and he very smugly said that I didn't want to pick a fight with him because it's not good to make him angry and he alluded that he would have brought me back to Italy. Yeah, dad, I'd like to see you try. I'm an adult now, I make my own decision and you don't have any right to force me into doing something I don't want to do. He thinks he has so much control over my life, but really, he doesn't. He thinks he scares me, but he doesn't. I'm not scared of his threats, I know they're empty. I was very close to just hanging up the phone on him. He just told me again to find a lawyer and then the conversation was over. Ugh, he really drives me mad.

Overall I'm feeling better than yesterday. Still feeling pretty angry at my parents though.

On a happier note, Andrew and I had dinner in Perth last night. Since the place opened after 5pm, we just decided to go there for dinner. They did amazing food. I ate arancini (which were very weird, since they didn't have any tomato sauce in them, just rice and cheese) and a very tasty lasagna (which I couldn't finish, so I brought it home with me and and had it today for lunch), while Andrew ate calamari and a pizza (the pizza was definitely the most Italian pizza I've ever seen in the UK, he said it was great). We had a great night out and I really enjoyed it.

I applied for a job as a Spa receptionist in a super fancy hotel near Andrew's house (which is also the place where he works). They will hopefully let me know within two weeks if I got the job or not. In the meantime I'll also hand my CV around in Perth. At this point I just really want to get a job just so I can shut my mom up about being jobless.

I'm off to play ocarina.
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I think I found a solution for my "too many icons" problem. Every day, from now on, I'm going to remove an icon that I don't use as much as other icons and replace it with a new icon. That way this process will not take me too much time every day and I can do it without pressure. :)

Andrew and I watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame today in Italian (with Italian subtitles for Andrew). He couldn't completely understand it, but he got the gist of what was happening and, for the way they were talking, it shows that he's getting pretty good. I downloaded the film in Blu-Ray because it was one of the few copies that had it in both languages and with subtitles and HOLY COW BLU-RAY IS AMAZING. I had watched Hunchback many times, but never in Blu-Ray and it was stunning. I NEED MORE DISNEY FILMS ON BLU-RAY. Anyway, he enjoyed it and thought it had very strong themes for children. That's why it's one of my favourite Disney films. It definitely doesn't speak down to kids, it's brutal and scary at times, but it's nothing children can't handle. Also, its music is just amazing. I love it so much.

In other news, it looks like I won't live in Dundee this year. I had a room rented with an establishment outside of university and apparently they do not want people who are not students to live in their buildings. However, apparently they're perfectly okay with taking money out of you to pay for the rent even if you can't live there. here's a rant )

here's another rant about my mom )

That's enough for one entry. I'm off to download more Disney films on Blu-Ray. Hopefully I will receive some good news about the place, otherwise I'm not going to be happy.
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Surprise, surprise! An LJ post from me, FINALLY! :D Gosh, why do I always tend to disappear once March comes along? Mh, maybe it has something to do with spring? You know, I actually wrote two entries that I meant to post here, but I didn't find the time to and then they just got old and I had to edit them, but I couldn't, so in the end I didn't post any of those two entries. D: And then it suddenly hit me that it's MAY and I should really update my LJ! Not to mention I've been really missing you guys!! So here I am! ♥

I've got lots of news - mainly great news, with a few bad news. I'll start with the great news first - I'll try to give you a short summary... though it might not be short at all. XD;

Good news! University! Scotland! New computer! /insert keyboard smashing happiness here )

Bad news: can't work at my family's shop anymore + other info on what I'm doing right now )

And... yeah, that's all I can think of at the moment. I wanted to keep it short, but instead I rambled a lot... and I don't think I've said all the things I needed to say. XD; I need to catch up with all of you and start re-using twitter (I forgot to install TweetDeck on my new computer and thus forgot again about twitter /fail orz). At least now you know what has been going on in my life. I'll try to keep you all updated, if not by LJ, then at least by twitter. :)

What else...? Oh, right. I can't wait to talk to all of you again!! ♥
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First entry of 2011... and I'm already telling myself I'm an idiot. XD; LMAO what a great start!

the tale of how Chibi managed to nearly delete all of her files )

On a happier note, I spent two lovely days with my parents. ♥ My mother's cooking was exceptional and we ate a lot of fish, as usual. Then we watched some movies - Benvenuti al Sud (literally, 'Welcome to the South'), an Italian film about a man who had to go work near Naples (my city ♥) and it was really funny! XD My parents and I laughed a lot and we loved it. I also felt a bit nostalgic while watching it - it made me realize how much I miss Naples and how much I love it. ♥ And then today my parents watched a movie with Denzel Washington - Men on Fire. I watched the first half of the movie, but then it got violent and since I don't like violent movies that much, I decided to stop watching it. XD; It was good, though! I enjoyed it. My mother really likes Denzel Washington and I think he did a good job in this movie, too.

Oh, I also watched a movie on my own on New Years! (That was before I deleted all my files. XD) I stayed up late watching the fireworks and after those I kinda felt in the mood to watch a movie and, since I had recently finished *coughdownloadingcough* it... I watched Iron Man 2!! ♥ Oh gosh, I loved it! spoilers under the cut! )

And that's all for today! I hope all had a great start of the year! ♥ :D
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I don't know what to write. XD; Life is pretty boring at the moment and I've basically spent the last two days watching Leverage (I loved this season finale! ♥) and fangirling over Christian Kane. ♥ Also, today arrived a package from my uncles who are in Naples and they sent us some mozzarella, Struffoli & Pastiera! (Basically, a whole bunch of Christmas cakes/pastry - except for the mozzarella - typical of south Italy.) I'm eating some right now and it's all delicious~ ♥ :D

Anyway, since these days I don't have the energy to do anything (except watch tv shows/movies)... that's right, you get a meme! XD; I will reply to all your comments once my mind stops going blank whenever I try to reply to your comments, I promise!


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