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Hello guys! I'm writing from Andrew's house. Nothing super exciting has happened this week, but I thought I'd write an entry anyway. Much like the last entry, this is going to be divided in real life and fandom updates.

real life: andrew being awesome, my nausea coming back, more computer stuff )

fandoms: more big bang theory and mockingjay (SPOILERS) )

And now it's time for a meme! I saw everyone doing this, so I thought I'd give it a shot, too. Here goes!

meme )

That's all for today. I know it isn't much of an update, but I just wanted to write a quick update. I hope you're all doing well! ♥
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Surprise, surprise! An LJ post from me, FINALLY! :D Gosh, why do I always tend to disappear once March comes along? Mh, maybe it has something to do with spring? You know, I actually wrote two entries that I meant to post here, but I didn't find the time to and then they just got old and I had to edit them, but I couldn't, so in the end I didn't post any of those two entries. D: And then it suddenly hit me that it's MAY and I should really update my LJ! Not to mention I've been really missing you guys!! So here I am! ♥

I've got lots of news - mainly great news, with a few bad news. I'll start with the great news first - I'll try to give you a short summary... though it might not be short at all. XD;

Good news! University! Scotland! New computer! /insert keyboard smashing happiness here )

Bad news: can't work at my family's shop anymore + other info on what I'm doing right now )

And... yeah, that's all I can think of at the moment. I wanted to keep it short, but instead I rambled a lot... and I don't think I've said all the things I needed to say. XD; I need to catch up with all of you and start re-using twitter (I forgot to install TweetDeck on my new computer and thus forgot again about twitter /fail orz). At least now you know what has been going on in my life. I'll try to keep you all updated, if not by LJ, then at least by twitter. :)

What else...? Oh, right. I can't wait to talk to all of you again!! ♥

good news!

Jan. 12th, 2011 05:57 pm
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Problem resolved, guys! :D This morning I called UCAS's Customers Service Units and after a couple of minutes I was able to solve the problem and now my application is being processed! ♥ I was so scared/nervous of calling, but it didn't go that bad! XD The guy who picked up the phone was really nice and polite (which to me is a big pro, because sometimes when we phone to some Italian customer service the people who pick up the phone don't act professional at all). He even pronounced my name right (foreign speakers also have trouble with my name)! Ohohoh~ *thumbs up* 8Db And asdfghjkl THAT BRITISH ACCENT. ♥ I had to make an effort in order to listen to what he was saying, 'cause that accent was distracting. XD After the call, I wanted to call Customer Service Units again, just to hear that accent over the phone, hahaha~ ... wait. Am I fangirling over a phone call? XD

Anyway. Sorry to make you all worry. ♥ Everything's okay now. :D

And nowww... meme time~ (as always XD)!

Ten Days Meme )
day six: five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever) )

Oh, by the way, if any of you wanted me to give you five fandoms on the last meme, then just tell me and I'll gladly do so. :D Sometimes I'm so absent-minded when it comes to memes. XD;
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I am feeling really good right now. Today was a really nice day. :D However, I'm too tired/lazy to write about it right now, haha. XD The only thing that I'll say is: IT'S SNOWING AND EVERYTHING'S WHITE AND ASDFGHJKL IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. ♥ I'm finally feeling the Christmas spirit! =D

(I have never been so excited about snow in all my life.)

And now, let's do a meme! :D Snagged from [ profile] winged_requiem and [ profile] knightess:

Comment with one (or more) of your fandoms that I’m NOT in, and I’ll attempt to summarize it to the best of my ability.

This meme amuses me so. It's going to be fuuuuun~ 8D
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Hiya, people! As you can probably imagine, I spent a lovely weekend! :D My mother got to spend some time with her cousin and I met a new girl (her daughter). She's a really nice girl and, to my surprise & joy, we have a lot of things in common: we both love Jane Austen's books (especially Pride & Prejudice, which makes me really happy, because I don't know that many people who love P&P), Johnny Depp, Lord of the Rings, listening to music every time we can (again, I know very few people who listen to as much music as I do) and we generally agree on anything that concerns school/university! XD It was really nice getting to know her and talking to her. Refreshing, somehow. Also, she didn't have any problems with her allergy whatsoever. My mom and I did a fine job cleaning the house, hehe. :Db

We didn't do anything particularly exciting while they were here. On Friday evening we went out and ate at a restaurant. Of course, being the southern-Italy people we are, we ate pizza. XD Which was really good. We went to a restaurant owned by people who are from the south, like us, and we even paid less, haha! Then, on Saturday, our mothers cooked the entire morning while we daughters just took it easy. She (my mother's cousin's daughter) had to study for an exam, so I stayed in the kitchen and watched our mothers cook (that way I learned how to make a tart, yay self!). We ate an Italian dish called Parmigiana (according to the dictionary: slices of fried aubergines seasoned with tomato sauce and grated Parmesan cheese baked in the oven), which was really good, along with a pie/tart. Then we spent the whole afternoon talking. I heard some very funny stories about various members of my family (my father, my many uncles and cousins and my grandma (my mother's mom), too), and other stories that I had never heard before. This is probably the part I love the most when people from my family come to visit. I can always listen to their stories and I never get tired of them. It's the only time when I can get to know my parents (and other people) better, since they don't talk much about their life before they had me. After talking, we went out again and just walked around the centre of the city and took a hot chocolate, as well. Then, before going to sleep, we all watched a movie and ate strawberries with lemon and sugar (it might sound weird, but they're really tasty!) and pastry for dinner! XD Not exactly what you'd eat on a daily basis, but that's another fun part when family members come to visit, right?

And then, on Sunday, they had to take the train in Mestre. We said our goodbyes, but promised to see each other soon and that we'll go to Pescara one of these days. They even wished me good luck for my applications on the universities I chose. And they told me to choose a nice place, so they can come to visit along with my mother and we can have lots of fun in England! XD And they kept saying I was adorable and lovely. (Everybody calls me adorable, hehe.) Awww. ♥ Also, we gave each others presents! My mother gave her cousin a bag and we both gave her daughter a new ipod, since hers is broken, while they gave us two bracelets. I love mine! ♥ It was so nice of them, really.

Final thoughts? Being part of such a big family is great. ♥ Also, this song, Please Don't Go by Mike Posner is lovely and catchy! :D He really does have a nice voice. Now, I believe my bed is waiting for me~

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